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Shortcut Bio
Debbie Reed Fischer is the award-winning author of novels for teens and tweens, and has been praised by Kirkus Reviews for balancing “weighty issues with a sharp wit.” Her middle-grade novel, THIS IS NOT THE ABBY SHOW (Random House/Delacorte), was just released. A graduate of the University of Miami, Debbie worked for many years as an agent for film and TV, then as a middle and high school teacher. The daughter of an Air Force colonel who served as a diplomatic attache, Debbie grew up in England, Greece, and Israel. She is grateful to have had a childhood surrounded by many languages and cultures. Her mother is Cuban Jewish, and her father is from New England with Scottish roots. Debbie currently resides in south Florida with her husband and two sons.
Longer Version

Debbie Reed Fischer began her writing career in kindergarten, where she excelled at upper case letters and staying within the lines. Her father was a military diplomat, so she and her two brothers had an unusual childhood, moving every couple of years and growing up all over the world. Books were her friends when she didn’t know anyone in a new school. They made her laugh, cry, and stay up late reading under the covers with a flashlight. Most importantly, they inspired her dream of becoming an author.

Debbie as trend setter, premiering the urban cowgirl look. Also premiering the waist-under-the-armpits look.
Debbie spent many of her middle and high school years in Athens, Greece.
This was her house. OK, well, maybe the view from her house. With binoculars.

In middle and high school, Debbie spent a lot of time in math class writing stories, songs, and long notes to her friends, which explains why she can never figure out the check in restaurants. She kept journals about everything, hoping that some day she’d use them to write novels.

After graduating from the University of Miami with a Bachelor degree in screenwriting, she had planned to write scripts for films and TV shows. However, she fell into the business side of the film industry, booking models in movies, commercials, music videos, and magazines. There, on South Beach, she saw both the bizarre and glamorous sides of the modeling industry. Being a model booker gave her plenty of comedy and drama to inspire her writing. Before long, she got the idea for for her first book, Braless in Wonderland.

Third grade play, The Frog Prince. Debbie didn’t get the coveted princess role, but was instead cast in the sidekick role of the wisecracking woodchuck.

Debbie in high school,
probably daydreaming.
After many years, Debbie left the modeling world, married her college sweetheart, and became an English teacher, receiving her school’s Teacher of the Year award her rookie year. Although she loved teaching middle and high school students, she left teaching after five years to focus on raising her two young children, and to finally get serious about her goal of pursuing her dream of becoming an author.

Now Debbie gets to do what she’s always dreamed of doing, and she couldn’t be more grateful. When she isn’t writing novels, she is at the beach, playing with her kids, running, reading, playing guitar and singing, e-mailing and watching indie films or just about anything on TV. She has lived in the US, England, Greece, and Israel, and now lives in South Florida with her supportive husband and two terrific sons, who often eat take-out when Debbie is under deadline.

Debbie’s first response from a publisher. Her query to them read: “I would like to become an author. How do I go about it?” She was ten years old.

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