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Do you have a book manuscript and need some advice on how to improve it? Maybe you have a strong beginning, but now you’re stuck. Or perhaps you've finished but need proofreading and editing before submitting it to an agent.

I can help.
Every writer can benefit from constructive feedback by an experienced professional. I have spent years critiquing and editing manuscripts of every genre, ranging from adult fiction to children’s picture books, as well as middle grade and teen novels. I can give you the tools you need to move forward and take your writing to the next level.


A writer puts their heart and soul into their work, and I understand first hand how important it is to get support and encouragement. I identify your strengths, as well as areas requiring improvement, plus provide you with an editorial-style letter covering key elements: character development, plot, structure, pacing, language, voice, and marketability. I also include a complete line-edit (grammar, punctuation, etc) on a mark-up of your manuscript with comments and suggestions. If anything needs clarification, I'm happy to discuss it with you via email or phone.

Novel manuscripts: Three dollars a page, minimum 100 pages

Manuscripts should be sent snail mail with payment with a self-addressed stamped envelope so I can return the manuscript. Email me at info@debbiereedfischer.com for turn-around time and to get the address.


Deb Fischer has an excellent eye for detail.  Her advice about plot and pacing was exactly what I needed to know about both of my manuscripts. She's also really funny and kind, so her advice feels like a suggestion, not like criticism.

Lane Fredrickson - author of Watch Your Tongue, Cecily Beasley (Sterling Children’s Books) founder of www.rhymeweaver.com

Debbie's input on my current work in progress has been invaluable. Her insights into character and voice help me keep my manuscript ringing true and my characters cooking along.

Laurie Taddanio - Critique Group Coordinator, Society of Children’s Book Writers and Illustrators, Florida Chapter

Debbie's feedback motivated me not to give up!

Amy Shaw - author of MeeGenius’s Who Wants to Be Friends with a Cactopus?

Debbie is an experienced public speaker and teacher.
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