1) Why does Peyton go along with Operation Smellika if she knows it's wrong?

2) Who is your favorite character and why?

3) Do you have any personal experience with bullies? Describe what happened.
*What choices did you make?
*How do you feel about those choices?

4) Do you feel sorry for Lexie? For Peyton? For Ellika? Why or Why not?

5) There are some interesting brand names in the story: Pure Poison perfume, Walk of Shame jeans. How do brand names and labels play a role in the book? Do brand names play a role in bullying? 

6) What was Peyton's biggest mistake?

7) Do you think hazing is more prevalent now than it used to be? Why or why not? 

8) What thoughts do you come away with after reading Swimming with the Sharks?

9) If you could ask the author any question, what would it be?

10) Does everyone get what they deserve in the end?

11) What surprised you?

12) What do you imagine happens after the book ends? 

13) Do you think schools and teachers can do anything to prevent or stop hazing?