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Chosen Book of the Year
by the Florida Writers Association
winner of the
Royal Palm Literary Award
"An incredible book."
Winner of the TeensReadToo.com
Gold Star Award for Excellence
"The hazing in the story is disturbingly impressive."
"Fischer takes you on a wild, delirious ride . . . 
You will not want to put this book down."

--Today's Teen of the Palm Beach Post
Swimming with the Sharks by Debbie Reed Fischer
ISBN-10 0738711616
ISBN-13 978-0738711614

Meet Peyton Grady: self-declared president of The Neverhadaboyfriend Club. Until now, she hasn’t exactly been the poster child for popularity at her posh private high school, Beachwood Prep. But everything is about to change, because this year, Peyton has a coveted spot on the varsity cheerleading squad. Now she’ll finally have a shot at the life she’s always wanted, complete with membership in the Alpha Clique, the boyfriend of her dreams, and “no more standing on the social sidelines.”

But treasured goals never come easy. When the principal, Dr. Johnson, appoints new student Ellika Grosset, a “squatty stump of a girl” with zero athletic ability as the squad’s newest member, things get complicated. Peyton and the rest of the squad are outraged that this girl has been forced upon them, simply because her parents donated millions for a new athletic facility.


But none are more furious than the queen fly girl herself, charismatic and powerful squad captain, Lexie Court. Ordering Peyton and her team mates to “take initiation rituals to the next level,” Lexie hatches Operation Smellika, a bullying campaign to drive Ellika out. “Do whatever it takes,” she tells them. “It’s for the good of the squad.”

Peyton knows it’s wrong. Horrible, even. She feels sorry for Ellika. But in the end, Peyton participates along with the others. Torn by her conscience, yet seduced by the chance to have everything she wants, she gets further and further involved in Lexie’s sick hazing plan.

Until it goes too far.

Peyton knows she has to stop Lexie.

But how?    

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Chosen Book of the Year
by the Florida Writers Association
winner of the
Royal Palm Literary Award
"An incredible book." (***** five gold stars)
(winner of the Gold Star Award for Excellence)
"Debbie Reed Fischer's teen-angst-driven novel is a sure hit amongst teenagers . . . Fischer takes you on a wild, delirious ride . . . you will not want to put this book down."
-Today's Teen
of the Palm Beach Post
"Right from the beginning, I was hooked . . . a page-turner filled with many laugh-out-loud moments."
"The hazing in the story is disturbingly impressive . . . "
"Fischer has a wickedly good sense of humor."
-Sue Corbett of Momsmiami.com and the Miami Herald 
"Swimming with the Sharks is a captivating tale that brilliantly portrays the cruel world of teenage girls . . . definitely worth checking out."
-Portrait Magazine,
(nominated for Book of the Year, Portrait Readers Choice Awards) 

"Overall, the book is brilliant. The ending was scintillating"

Blubber for the 21st century. Debbie Reed Fischer's sizzling take on girl hazing and cheer pressure mixes the perfect ratio of humor to anger for a compelling, un-put-downable read.

-Alex Flinn, award winning author of Beastly

Just when you thought it was safe to go into the girls’ locker room . . . Debbie Reed Fischer uses wit and humor to expose the ugly truth about girls and hazing.

-Joyce Sweeney, author of Headlock